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Winching Tips

Winching versus Hoisting
"Winching" means pulling a "hoisting" means lifting. If you intend to use your Superwinch for raising and lowering a load rather than, or in addition to, pulling a load along the ground or up and down an incline, there are a few important points you should know before making your selection.

First, there a lot of standards set for machinery used for lifting. Such machines are "hoists" and Superwinch do not make any. Electric hoists must have, at minimum, a 5 to 1 safety factor, switches to limit the travel, one or more independent braking systems, and large drum diameters. Overload protection is often provided. Machinery used to move people up and down are "elevators" and these have even higher engineering requirements.

The Superwinch products in this online catalogue are neither hoists nor elevators and should not be interpreted as such.

Second, there are hardly any standards for winches. Winch manufacturers can make any claims they wish and set the load ratings where ever they want. Superwinch sets its rated load at what the winch will lift vertically single line. This is done because it is the most accurate measurement of the product's pulling ability but it is a practice that can be dangerous. However, you can use a Superwinch for lifting if you follow these suggestions.

1. If a choice is available, buy the Superwinch model with a brake.

2. Divide your Superwinch rated load by 5. Take this number and reduce it by 10% for the second and each additional layer of wire rope to be pulled up on to the drum. The result of this calculation will be the load that you can lift.

3. You and all others stand well clear of the lifting area.

4. Never lift people or lift loads over people.

5. Check local building and machinery codes to be sure you are in compliance before using your Superwinch in this manner.

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