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General Winching

Electric Winches mounted on a four wheel drive, or a trailer, an electric winch can save a lot of effort. Selection of winch capacity for loading is the same as for manual winches. On a front-of-vehicle application, e.g. four wheel drive recovery work, 1.5 times the gross weight of the vehicle gives rough idea of the capacity required to pull out of a severe mud hole.

If the winch is to be used regularly a freewheel facility will speed cable pay-out, without the cable cannot be pulled out by hand. A roller fairlead will minimise the chance of damage to the cable by aiding even distribution on the drum. Even distribution will also maximise pulling capacity, just as on a manual winch. Remote control will ease use, especially when winching to a fixed point, and provides a margin of safety if the worst were to happen and the load give way.

Pulley Blocks add mechanical advantage to your winch. One pulley block in line doubles the rated capacity, two triple it; each multiplication also applies to the length of cable used and the time spent winching. For this reason we do not recommend that you buy a small winch and a pulley block to do a big job. They can add a considerable extra performance in one of situations - e.g. hauling a car with a flat tyres. When you are in a situation you will be very glad you bought one.

Hooks and D Shackles add to the adaptability of your winch. Hooks should always have a spring closure and when either is used with rope care should be taken that the rope is suitable for the job in hand.

Superwinch has developed the most comprehensive range of winches available today. There's sure to be a Superwinch product to handle the task you have in mind - whether it's four wheel drive, loading trailers or vehicles, or boats , or ATV vehicles - or for general utility purposes.

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