Manual, Electric & Hydraulic Winches FAQ

Manual, Electric & Hydraulic Winch FAQ
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Manual, Electric & Hydraulic Winches FAQ

Can we use a winch to pull a wheelchair up a short ramp into an MPV vehicle? No, none of the winches are approved for hoisting, lifting or pulling humans or animals.

I want to pull my caravan up a steep slop to the back of my house; how best can I mount it? You require a very heavy concrete base; at least twice the weight of the caravan, the garage floor is ideal. Mount on a 100mm RHS Post with support braces and where possible bolt to a wall.

I want to pull my boat-on-trailer up a steep slipway, without putting my car near the water; how best can I do this? Fit a winch of your choice onto the Trailer Ball Mount, Part No. SWA2060. This then just slips over your towball, allowing you to winch your trailer up the slipway.

What is the benefit of a flat strap fitted to a manual winch as opposed to cable? Flat straps pile nicely when spooling-in (no bird-nesting) also nylon is safer to use. Disadvantages; shorter strap lengths fill the winch drum plus you cannot use directional pulleys.


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