Trailer Parts & Trailer Spares FAQ

Trailer Parts & Trailer Spares FAQ
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Trailer Parts & Trailer Spares FAQ

I want to build/repair a trailer; do you supply a brochure and price list? No, because we could never keep it up to date! We have however, built-in a special print-page feature on our website, this allows customers to print clean pages, in price list format, to build up a brochure, to suit their personal requirements.

Why are Mudguards and Suspension Units priced singly and not per pair? This allows the online purchase of a single mudguard or unit for repair purposes.

Do you supply trailer mudguard brackets? No, there are just too many variables; best fabricate them to suit your trailer. The black plastic mudguards don’t usually require brackets when fitting to box trailers.

Are the sizes quoted for trailer covers the exact size of the trailer. No, there is approximately 20mm all-round, to allow for hinges etc. plus there is 4” drop sides with the shock-cord eyelets.

You refer to RHS and SHS sizes in the online catalogue, what do they mean? RHS/SHS - rectangular and square hollow section, better known as steel box section.

Why don’t you supply suspensions with stubs to suit used Mini Hubs etc? A NEW trailer hub costs less than the price of replacement Mini bearings!

I have bought new Suspension units and taper bearing Hubs; how do I set these up? Fit the hub to the unit using the washer and castle nut supplied, tighten with a spanner to clean the threads, then slacken off, now tighten - finger tight only, next slacken by one nut castellation and fit the split pin. You should feel slight play once the wheel is fitted.

My trailer suspensions have 1”dia. x 2½” long stubs, can I fit new hubs? Yes, simply make a ½” stub collar from 1”dia. pipe, our new hubs will fit perfectly.

Do you supply any trailer plans that I could use to build a trailer? Sorry No, because there are just too many different options, best look at a few and take the best innovations from these.

Do you supply spare wheel brackets for trailers? No, there are just too many variables; best fabricate them to fit the trailer. Tip: Use hub studs and nuts to attach the wheel to prevent damaging the wheel nut seats.


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