Towbars and Towbar Fitting FAQ

Towbar and Towbar Fitting FAQ
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Towbars & Towbar Fitting FAQ

Could I fit a towbar myself? We never comment on people’s technical aptitude, some people cannot even wire a 3-pin plug. Everything comes with the towbar and tow kit for fitting and wiring. Most vehicles have to be drilled, the interior trim removed for access and some under-seal striped etc. so you must have a reasonable toolkit and wheel ramps. No welding required, but rusty bolts may be encountered.

How long does it take to fit a towbar? Varies greatly, bar to bar, person to person, best allow 3 to 4hours, if it take less then it’s a bonus.

Do you supply Fitting Instructions with the towbar? Yes, the same instructions as supplied to the professional towbar fitter.

Do you supply a Socket Wiring Diagram with the electric kits? Yes, socket-wiring instructions are supplied.

What is the difference between Single and Twin Electrics? The single electric’s socket (Black 12N) supplies the tail, brake, fog and indicator electrics for trailers and caravans. Twin electrics include the 12N socket plus a second socket (Grey 12s) this supplies the supplementary electrics required to run the fridge, interior lights and charge the supplementary battery etc. in a caravan or trailer tent.

Do you supply specific Vehicle Wiring Loom information? No, you have to trace the specific vehicles wiring at the loom, or refer to the vehicle manufacturers wiring diagram if available.

Are the FREE single and twin electric kits supplied with the towbars, the same kits supplied by the vehicle manufacturer? No, We supply basic electric kits for universal installation. Vehicle specific requirements must be checked-out and bypass relays etc. fitted as required.

I have obtained a second-hand Witter towbar; can you supply a new bolt kit for it? No, for legislative reasons and in the interest of road safety, Witter no longer supplies replacement bolt kits. 

I have been advised that fitting towbar electrics could damage my vehicle management system (computer) is this true? What can I do to avoid this? Yes, the easy solution is to fit a VRB6 6-Way Bulb Failure Relay, this completely isolates the towbar electrics from the vehicle management system and avoids any problems.

I want to tow a light trailer, not a caravan, do you supply lighter towbars?
No, all towbars must be capable of towing the vehicles maximum approved towing weight.

I want to fit a towbar, do you have a picture of one fitted to my type of car. No, there are just far to many different vehicles produced. Today's towbars are generally very neat, unlike yesteryears.

I have an older vehicle but I cannot find a towbar for it on your list, why? Because the towbar is now obsolete, if it is not listed we can no longer supply, sorry.

I have an imported vehicle; will the UK towbar fit? We just don't know, grey import vehicles often look the same, but the specifications are different, bigger petrol tank, repositioned spare-wheel well, altered exhaust system etc. and the towbar just doesn't fit and we have no way of knowing! Sorry.

I want to fit a towbar; can you forward the instructions for my vehicle so that I can have a look at them before I decide? We now include a fair number on our website, see towbar technical details for you vehicle. Unfortunately, there are just too many different vehicles and variants for us to list them all at present, but we are working on it.

Do you supply a towbar to fit the Ford - KA? No, when EC Type Approving the vehicle, the manufacturer did not declare it suitable for towing, therefore it has no specified towing capacity and no specified mounting points. Fitting a towbar to any such vehicle registered on or after the 1st August 1998 would make you liable to prosecution.

My vehicle is an automatic; does it require a gearbox cooler to be fitted? Recommended, if you are towing heavy loads up steep hills regularly.

My vehicle has an LPG conversion with additional fuel tank; will the Witter towbar still fit? We just don't know! All conversions are different, until the towbar is offered up; we have no way of knowing! Sorry.

My motor dealer says my warranty will be invalid unless I fit the manufacturers towbar. Wrong, 94/20/EC was designed to create free trade. If you fit a Type Approved towbar it will not invalidate the vehicle warranty. Under EC Block Exemption Rules a motor vehicle manufacturer cannot prevent a franchised outlet from supplying or fitting components deemed to be of equal quality to that supplied by the vehicle manufacture - such as a Type Approved towbar.

I want to fit a towbar to my car but my caravan is fitted with an AL-Ko Stabilizer does this cause a problem? Yes, it’s essential that you fit the special AL-Ko extended tow ball.

I would like to fit a Motorbike Rack to my car, is this possible? Doubtful, weight is restricted to the vehicle manufacturers, towbar nose weight limit.

I am not sure what type of cycle carrier I require, can you give me any guidance. Yes, first decide whether you want to carry the cycles on the roof or the rear, on the roof you require roof bars plus cycle carriers. On the rear you must decide towbar mounted or standalone, see our standalone cycle carriers. Towbar mounted, decide if you require to tow and carry the cycles at the same time, as this affects your options. Only you can make these decisions!

I want to buy a towbar mounted cycle carrier, any advice? Yes, decide if you require to tow and carry the cycles at the same time, this affects your options, also what type of towbar is fitted i.e. Swan-neck or 2-bolt flange (UK) type. 2-bolt flange towbars are the best option; hanging bike racks simply bolt on with the towball. Swan-neck towbars require complex brackets, clamped to them to fit hanging racks. Swan-necks are best suited to racks that clamp on to the towball (non-towing). The berthed wheel type carriers are more convenient to use and offer more protection to the bikes than the hanging cycle type, but they are also more expensive!

My Cycle Carrier fits on the towball, but no mater how much I tension-up it still tilts back, any ideas? Yes, Attaching any rack to a spherical ball always causes problems, because no matter how tight the fit, due to vibration when on the road, it will move until it can go no further. However the cure is simple, purchase a MaxxRaxx - MXAS01 Auxiliary Strap and your problem will be solved. How this works, is that the 'T' bar on the strap goes inside the boot of the car, the strap is then hooked to the cycle carrier, then tensioned. Problem solved.


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