Snow Chains & Shoe Chains FAQ

Snow Chains and Shoe Chains FAQ
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Snow Chains & Shoe Chains FAQ

This tyre size has specific manufacturer's instructions, etc. What is this message about? Snow chains when fitted on this wheel and tyre size can cause serious clearance problems on certain vehicles. It is therefore essential, you check the vehicle manufacturers information, to verify whether it is safe to fit chains or not! See your vehicle handbook or check with your dealer.

I do not see a RUD-comfort Centrax option for my tyre size on your website. If they are not displayed for the tyre size, then they are not available for that tyre size.

This tyre size has specific manufacturer's instructions, etc. What is this message about? This tyre size when fitted with snow chains, is known to cause serious clearance problems on some vehicles, it is therefore essential, we check the manufacturers information for your vehicle, to determine whether it is safe to fit chains, or not!

Has the vehicle to be jacked up to fit snow chains? No, RUD snow chains are fairly easy to fit, no tools required.

How many chains do you get with a set of snow chains? Two, chains are normally only required on the driving wheels.

I have never fitted chains before, any tips? Yes, do a dry run on grass when you get your chains, this confirms that they are correct for your vehicle, but also lets you practice when it its not cold, wet and dark with snow blowing in your face. Keep a torch, rubber gloves and old mat in the car, the gloves keep your hands and cuffs clean, the mat keeps your knees dry when fitting and sods law its dark.

Why are there no chains available for my vehicle? Normally, because the vehicle has sports wheels and tyres fitted, if the vehicle bottoms out with chains fitted they can damage the bodywork and suspension struts, also whilst on full-lock you may damage the steering linkage. Remember centrifugal force is always trying to shed the chains.

My car has sports wheels, so I cannot fit chains on my car, what can I do? Replace your wheels, second-hand wheels and part-worn tyres can be picked up relatively cheaply from most breakers yards. This eliminates the problem of damage to the bodywork, and also damage to your expensive alloy wheels, from the salt and sand on the roads or by the chains.

I have a 4x4 vehicle, do I require snow chains on all 4 wheels? No, Snow chains must be fitted to the driving wheels, but 4 wheel drive vehicles can have chains fitted to all 4 wheels, depending on the conditions.

My vehicle has ABS brakes, do I require a different type of chain. No, ABS doesn't affect chain choice

I'm looking for a second-hand set of chains for my vehicle; can you help? Sorry, we don’t deal in used chains.

I have snow chains that don't fit my current vehicle; do you have an exchange service? No sorry, we do not take any snow chains back in part exchange.

Can I modify my chains to fit a different vehicle wheel size? We do not do this and don’t recommend it, for practical and liability reasons.


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